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Our Story

At Resto Experience, our journey began as restaurant operators ourselves. With ownership of Rreal Tacos and multiple other concepts, we experienced firsthand the transformative power of digital and marketing strategies on our restaurant operations. Witnessing significant growth in both operations and sales, we recognized the immense potential to help other restaurateurs navigate the digital landscape.

In January 2022, Resto Experience was born from our desire to share our expertise and successes with fellow restaurant owners. Every strategy offered by our agency has been rigorously tested in our own restaurants before being implemented for our clients. Our approach ensures that we deliver proven solutions that drive results, leveraging the latest innovations in technology and self-management.

Our mission is clear: to provide comprehensive digital marketing solutions that not only increase restaurant visibility but also create unforgettable experiences for customers. We are dedicated to empowering restaurateurs with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in today’s competitive market

We stop at nothing

As you may know, the restaurant industry works from Monday to Monday. Resto Experience does not stop.

We love to explore

We seek to be up to date at all times.
We know that for marketing it is necessary to be in constant movement.

We take it step by step

We cover many services and root
for great results. Organization is escential and it’s the key to our success.

We keep it simple

Simplicity is one of the factors that makes us stronger. Our team thrives to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.


Meet the team

Federico Arreseigor
Director of Operations
Casiana Epper
Social Media Manager
Juan Weihmuller
Content Creation Team Manager
Lucas Vázquez
Marketing Manager
Tupac Bruch
SEO Manager
Camila Onsari
Tobías Giménez
Loyalty Manager
Tobias Chalupowicz
Graphic Design Manager
Franco Juárez
Web Design & Development Team Managment
Daniela Flores
Photography & Video
Maggie González
Community Manager
Agustina Perez Fornells
Community Manager
Gonzalo Reyna
Community Manager
Lucas Ponce
Graphic Designer
Camila Danón
Graphic Designer
Keegan Cuen
Photography & Video
Melina Florio
Graphic Designer
Franca Frossini
Photography & Video
Tomás Carballo
Foodie Collaboration
Sabrina Palmieri
Carina Terracina
Tomás Echandi
Gala Orona
Software Developer
Esperanza Rizza
Web Designer
Joaquín Lizárraga
Video Editor
Santiago Galo
Web Designer
Milena Camacho
Graphic Designer
Oriana Perone
Video Editor
Agustina Tamagna
Graphic Designer
Jescri Fermín
Photo Editor
Hipólito Skoropad
Nahuel Gaya
Content Specialist
Santiago Weber
Web Developer
Lucas Giacone
Supply Analyst
Agustina Sarricouet
Community Manager

From Restaurant Success to Marketing Mastery

Our Founders

Damián Otero Reggiori

CEO At Rreal Tacos / Co-Founder

Agustín von Simson

CEO / Co-Founder

Miguel Hernández

COO At Rreal Tacos / Co-Founder

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