R&C Kitchen

About the project

R&C Kitchen is the restaurant located on the ground floor of on 1935 Powers Ferry Rd. With an upscale style, and an audience seeking for a gourmet yet classic experience, this space reopened its doors after renovations that involved a complete change in its style and presentation, in September 2023. As a result, its website was reimagined to align with the project’s transformation.
We designed a 100% scalable website, so that R&C Kitchen customers, wherever they are, can explore the site, make reservations, stay informed about weekly events and more.

A unique custom experience for each client, every time.

This website includes all the necessary tools for customer engagement with the restaurant. Customers can book a table through the integrated OpenTable widget, access upcoming events, view the complete menu for both drinks and meals, fill out various contact forms
to communicate with restaurant staff, among other functions.

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