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Rreal Tacos | 2023 - Resto Experience


Rreal Tacos

About the project

Since 2021, Rreal Tacos serves authentic Mexican street food & drinks. Their chefs strive to recreate the characteristics of tacos from various regions of Mexico using the freshest cuts of meat and cooking with ingredients sourced only from there in their 6 locations, all over Atlanta. Our goal on social media was to create a fun and engaging profile, aligned with the brand’s aesthetics, showcasing high-quality products and the spaces they offer for a good time and delicious Mexican food. We prioritize showcasing high-quality content, including some memes, viral audio, and work processes.


Before & After

1. Highlights design: All the information about the restaurant, events and menu are now in the highlights section.
2. Clean up content: Clean all the old and bad content from the profile.
3. Start posting reels and quality content: keep a clean and aesthetic profile with quality content.

Some Instagram stories

We create Instagram stories for daily and weekly updates, communicating to the Rreal Tacos community about events, celebrations, daily specials, live music, and more.

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All about the content

Our content is focused on generating engagement and direct leads, making customers eager to explore the different locations and involving them in the recipe creation process.
We work with original content, filming in high quality directly in the kitchens of the 6 locations, with professional photographers and video editors to ensure the final product stands out in the feed. At Real Tacos, reels truly make a difference, reaching up to 1 million views in some cases.

Reels Visualizations


Organic Interactions

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