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Rose & Crown | 2023 - Resto Experience


Rose & Crown

About the project

Rose & Crown is a neighborhood sports bar and restaurant, located on 1935 Powers Ferry Rd. It’s style is vibrant and fresh, and holds a community feel that serves American & English pubhouse fare.
Our goal for their social media was to create a clean and aesthetic profile that elegantly summarizes the concept in a simple manner, giving the restaurant an upscale feel and positioning it as a point of interest in the local gastronomy scene. This aligns with the renovation of your spaces that took place around September 2023.


Before & After

1. Highlights design: All the information about the restaurant, events and menu are now in the highlights section.
2. Clean up content: Clean all the old and bad content from the profile.
3. Start posting reels and quality content: keep a clean and aesthetic profile with quality content.

Some Instagram stories

We create Instagram stories for daily and weekly updates, communicating to the Rreal Tacos community about events, celebrations, daily specials, live music, and more.

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All about the content

We also design engaging videos and reels to showcase the various food options, the ambiance, and the mood of Rose & Crown. We use trending audio and high-quality video to achieve a broader reach. Professional editing adds the perfect touch to ensure the results attract crowds to the restaurant. All the content generated for social media is sent to the client two weeks in advance so they can be aware of the strategies and content we want to promote.

Reels Visualizations


Organic Interactions

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